Who were the visionary and psychedelic artists The Fool

Visionary and Psychedelic Artists, The Fool

Who was the Fool

Visionary and psychedelic artist, Marijke Koger was one of two original members of the Fool. The Fool started on an island and grew in London in the 60's. The Fool's name came from tarot card Arcana Zero. It is said to represent truth. They started out by selling their psychedelic paintings in galleries in and around London. Original members were Marijke and Simon Posthuma. The group grew with Marijke's art school friend Josie Leeger. Followed by Karl Ferris and Barry Finch. They were hired by Cream’s manager to design costumes and paint the bands instruments. Their painted instruments are all famous now. Eventually they started designing clothes for The Beatles, The Hollies and other rock bands along with psychedelic acoustic guitars. They are also famous for painting a three story mural on the side of The Beatles Apple store in London.

  • Famous paintings done by the Fool
  • John Lennon's Piano
  • Eric Clapton's guitar
  • George Harrison’s fireplace
  • The Hollies album cover
  • Album liner for Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album
  • Poster for the Saville Theatre
  • Painted the exterior of the Aquarius Theater on Sunset Blvd.
  • The Beatles Apple store in London

The Fool made a splash with their custom designed hippy clothing. They were also a band signed by Mercury records. They also inspired and acted in the 60s psychedelic classic movie Wonderwall. Marijke and Simon moved to Hollywood and became a duo once again. Posthuma now lives in Amsterdam and Koger is in the Los Angeles area. Finch and Leeger got married and had six children. Sadly Leeger died of a stroke in 1991.

The Fool Psychedelic Artists who designed clothes and painted instruments and anything they found inspirational.

painted instruments


psychedelic artists


Eric Clapton's psychedelic acoustic guitar

ERIC CLAPTON'S GIBSON SG - Psychedelic Acoustic Guitar

fool mural psychedlic paintings

Boutique Mural and The Fool

john lennon piano psychedelic paintings


george harrison psychedelic paintings mural


Art Street Gallery