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Clapton’s FOOL

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Clapton's "FOOL" is an iconic, historical and a one of a kind 1964 Gibson SG. It was painted by psychedelic and visionary artist, Maryke. This guitar can be seen in many photographs with Eric Clapton, as he cherished his painted guitar art. A psychedelic SG which made a great sound. It is one of the most recognizable guitars in history. At the time guitar art didn't exist. Paintings on guitars are still not very common, which makes this, that much more special. Of all the psychedelic instruments in the world, this one always stands out. This guitar eventually sold at auction for $500,000. In the 60's psychedelic paintings were very popular, with concerts like "Woodstock" and the "Monterey Pop Festival", all the visuals were some sort of psychedelic art. The guitar is now considered a part of rock and roll history.

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